Senate: president can take PEC from Precatório straight to plenary

Senate: president can take PEC from Precatório straight to plenary

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-RO), does not rule out the possibility of taking the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of Precatório, PEC 23/21, directly to the plenary of the House, without going through a commission. In a press conference tonight (4), Pacheco spoke about the matter. Another possibility is for the PEC to go first through the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ), chaired by senator Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP).Senate: president can take PEC from Precatório straight to plenary

“If approved [o texto] in the Chamber, our taking it directly to the plenary is a possibility that exists, but we cannot disregard the possibility of considering it by the CCJ. And I see in President Davi Alcolumbre this disposition and this sense of urgency in relation to the PEC dos Precatórios”, said Pacheco.

The president of the Senate made a defense in favor of the debate on the subject. For him, it is important for Congress to debate and reach a conclusion on the issue of precatories, as well as to make the Auxílio Brasil feasible, which would replace Bolsa Família and transfer a monthly income of R$ 400 to the most needy. For him, it is important to reach a solution on financial aid to the poorest without breaking the spending ceiling.

Precatório are debts of the Federal Government that result from court decisions which cannot be appealed anymore. The proposal defines the amount of annual expenses with court orders, corrects their amounts exclusively by the Selic rate and changes the way to calculate the spending ceiling. In practice, it makes fiscal space available in the Union Budget for the payment of the new assistance benefit created by the government, Auxílio Brasil. Called “PEC do Calote” by opposing parliamentarians, the measure authorizes the payment in installments of court orders.

According to Pacheco, party leaders, even those of opposition, agree on the importance of discussing the problems of precatoria and space in the Budget for Aid to Brazil. “Even those who disagree with the method established by the PEC know how important it is for us to guarantee a social program in Brazil. It may be that the PEC is an instrument, but this is an assessment that the plenary of the Senate will make”.

The PEC was approved in the Chamber, in the first round, at dawn today. The score, however, was tight. It took 308 votes to approve it and 312 deputies voted for it. THE second round vote is scheduled to take place on Tuesday (9), from 9 am.

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