Senate includes clubs and tobacco companies in anti-money laundering controls

The Chamber of Senators approved the bill that modifies articles 13, 25 and 28 of Law 1,015/97, “What prevents and suppresses illicit acts aimed at the legitimization of money or goods, modified by Law 3783/09 and Law 6797/21”.

In other words, the initiative seeks to include clubs and tobacco companies within the Obliged Subjects (SO) of anti-money laundering controls. It now goes to the Chamber of Deputies. It was treated on tables on the date, after previously constituting the plenary session in commission.

With 39 votes in favor, two against and 4 absent, the initiative promoted by Édgar Acosta, a national deputy for the PLRA, prospered.

The striking thing was that only a day before, the Chamber of Deputies had sent the project to the file.

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