Secretary General of the Purple Party: "We are against the admission of the vacancy in Congress"

Secretary General of the Purple Party: “We are against the admission of the vacancy in Congress”

The Secretary General of the , Rodolfo Pérez, assured that his political group is against the admission of the of the President of the Republic, , in Congress.

In statements to journalists after the meeting he held with Castillo Terrones at the Government Palace, the leader considered that the application of the figure of permanent moral incapacity “Not applicable” in this case.

“In the case of the Purple Party, we are against the admission to the vacancy because we believe that it is a constitutional mechanism that does not apply in the particular case. The president at this time is not being investigated by Congress or the Public Ministry and although these investigations into these questionable facts have to take place, in no case does the vacancy correspond, which is an extreme mechanism that the Constitution has to remove from office to a president”, he expressed.

He indicated that if the Constitution is not respected, then the country will not have stability and will be adrift, for which he invoked the political class to be responsible, less than a year after the vacancy of Martin Vizcarra.

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“Politicians cannot be so irresponsible when less than a year ago we had a vacancy from another president. It is not possible that in Peru in a year we have had four presidents and now we want to have a fifth or a sixth. Are we really going to move Peru forward this way? “, he stressed.

Pérez also mentioned that Terrones Castle “You have to set the maximum example by being firm and nipping any of these behaviors” that lead to alleged acts of corruption.

“We have let the president know the mistakes he is making, that this is a time to correct mistakes. Correct mistakes for the country and that once and for all Peru can move forward with this terrible crisis, this terrible pandemic. The scourge of corruption cannot continue any longer, instability cannot continue any longer and this, harming the pocketbook and the well-being of all Peruvians “, he stated.

“Politics has to take charge of this situation and solve it, and that is a responsibility of all political parties, especially those that have responsibility in Congress. It is time to move the country forward responsibly, sensibly and without generating any sense of instability necessary for our country “, he sentenced.

The Secretary General of the Purple Party, Rodolfo Pérez, assured that his political group is against the admission of the vacancy of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, in Congress.

Denies meeting with the party and Pedro Castillo

The congressman Edward Malaga (Purple Party) assured that the bench has not met with the leaders of said political group, much less with the president himself Pedro Castillo, to define its position on the presidential vacancy.

“I already thought that the vacancy due to permanent moral disability is not applicable but I have not advanced my vote, it is not my custom. Nor have we had a meeting with the party or with the president “, he stressed.

It should be noted that Terrones Castle He met this Friday, December 3, with leaders of five political parties, after concluding his participation in the 16 Executive GORE that was held in La Libertad.


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