Assembly will investigate lack of medicines in hospitals

Assembly will investigate lack of medicines in hospitals

The CAL ordered the Health Commission to seek information on the “crisis” due to the lack of drugs in the State health centers.

The Assembly qualifies as a “crisis” the lack of medicines for the care of cancer patients and other catastrophic illnesses or rare. The Legislative Administration Council (CAL) ordered this Friday, December 3, 2021, that an investigation was initiated on the drug shortage.

The Commission for the Right to Health of the Assembly will be in charge of collecting the data to find out the causes of the problem. In addition, it will investigate the performance of public servants “immersed in the care and cases of medicine shortage necessary ”for the treatment of catastrophic illnesses. The CAL also commissioned this legislative board to evaluate the general situation of the shortage of the national table of basic medicines that are part of the Public Health System.

The objective of these investigations is to respond “in the legislative and political control sphere … in order to improve the health care of patients throughout the country,” said the president of the Legislative, Guadalupe Llori.

The Constitution, in its Art. 131, empowers the Assembly National, to carry out political prosecutions, with a request from at least a quarter of its members, to ministers of state. To do so, the breach of its functions must be proven. (DP)


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