Salary of 36 ambassadors costs US $ 6.5 million

Salary of 36 ambassadors costs US $ 6.5 million

Perla Beatriz García Cristaldo, ambassador of Morocco, will receive this year G. 902 million (US $ 131,208). And Rubén Darío Antonio Ortiz Méndez, ambassador to South Africa, will receive G. 727 million (US $ 105,772).

Victoria Mariel Franco Carvallo, ambassador to Canada, will receive this year; G. 724 million (US $ 105,368). José Antonio Dos Santos Bedoya, ambassador to the United States, will receive; G. 656 million (US $ 95,410). Gloria Yrma Amarilla, ambassador to Mexico; G. 656 million (US $ 61,861).

José Félix Fernández, ambassador to Costa Rica, will receive throughout 2021; G. 1,157 million (US $ 168,211). And Enrique Jara Ocampos, ambassador to Panama will receive; G. 1,619 million (US $ 235,401).

Juan Ramón Cano Montanía, ambassador to Argentina, will receive; G. 806 million (US $ 117,220). Terumi Matsuo, ambassador to Bolivia, will receive G. 973,829,772 (US $ 141,545). Juan Ángel Delgadillo, ambassador to Brazil, will receive G. 1804 million (US $ 262,215). Antonio Rivas Palacios, ambassador to Chile, will receive; G. 1,749 million (US $ 254,325). Martha Sophia López, ambassador to Colombia, will receive; G. 1,444 million (US $ 210,021). Ana María Baiardi Quesnel, ambassador to Peru, will receive; G. 1,430 million (US $ 207,848). Rogelio Raimundo Benítez Vargas, ambassador to Uruguay, will receive; G. 1,609 million (US $ 233,866).

In Asia we have five ambassadors; Luis Alberto Molinas, ambassador to Korea, received G. 892 million (US $ 129,773). Fleming Raúl Duarte, ambassador to India, received; G. 2,118 million (US $ 307,917). Raúl Alberto Florentín Antola, ambassador to Japan, received; G. 2,261 million (US $ 328,692). Ángel Ramón Barchini, ambassador to Qatar, received G. 1,072 million (US $ 155,853) and Carlos Vidal Pintos, ambassador to Taiwan, G. 1,034 million (US $ 150,430).

In Europe we have 12 embassies. Patricia Frutos Ruiz, representative to Germany, will receive G. 1,437 million (US $ 208,991) throughout 2021. Juan Francisco Facetti, ambassador to Austria, will receive G. 1,429 million (US $ 207,730). Rigoberto Gauto Vielman, ambassador to Belgium, will receive G. 1,786 million (US $ 259,638). Ricardo Scavone Yegros, ambassador to Spain, will receive; G. 1,882 million (US $ 272,585). Octavio Odilón Ferreira, ambassador to France, will receive; G. 862 million. Roberto Carlos Melgarejo, ambassador to Italy, will receive; G. 1,686 million (US $ 245,163).

In addition, Elizabeth María Rojas, ambassador to Portugal, will receive; G. 766 million (US $ 111,393). Genaro Vicente Pappalardo, ambassador to the United Kingdom, will receive; G. 3,156 million (US $ 458,741), Hernán Muñoz, ambassador to Russia; G. 694 million (US $ 100 thousand). Alfredo Ratti Jaegli, ambassador to the Holy See; G. 1,210 million (US $ 175,905). Liliane Lebrón, ambassador to Switzerland; G. 1,440 million (US $ 209,347). Ceferino Valdez, Ambassador to Turkey, G. 1,400 million (US $ 203,582).

Fernando Alló, ambassador to Israel, will receive; G. 726 million (US $ 105,609). Osvaldo Adib Bittar Vicioso, ambassador to Lebanon; G. 777 million (US $ 112,984).

Finally, Armando Fernández, ambassador to Australia, will receive; G. 1,549 million (US $ 225,163).

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