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Saime promises again for “soon” ID with QR, chip or barcode

Gustavo Vizcaíno, director of Saime, assured that the new changes in the platform have brought improvements because it is “self-managing”; among them that the delivery of the identity card is made immediately. Regarding the new ID, he said that they hope to include health, INTT, banking and vaccination information.

The director of the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigration (Saime), Gustavo Vizcaíno, said that changes to the identity card are being evaluated in the country. “A new modality is being prepared,” the official told Venezuelan News and who are considering placing a QR, a barcode or a chip.

He assured that this proposal is advanced and that “the teams are working to present the required document to the president for their respective approval.” The official hopes that these changes will be approved soon, although they are still in the study phase.

Vizcaíno also anticipated that the new card “will be innovative, it will be a PVC sheet, we are evaluating whether it is with a chip, what information is going to be incorporated: it could be from the INTT (National Institute of Land Transport), health , banking, information on covid vaccination. If it is with QR it varies (the information) or if it is with a barcode.

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Saime’s highest representative said that “the new system will allow get your ID abroad«.

Gustavo Vizcaíno assures that the new changes in Saime have brought improvements because it is “self-managing” and explained that users can make changes to their marital status, email address, among others, which were previously carried out in the offices.

He said that those who do not have access to technology or smartphones to register and request an appointment can go to any Saime office, where they will be assisted in carrying out the process.

Regarding the new modality to renew the identity card, he recalled that the appointment will depend on the user and affirmed that the document is printed and delivered “immediately”.

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