Building collapses in Marseille, France

Building collapses in Marseille, France

April 8, 2023, 10:16 PM

April 8, 2023, 10:16 PM

A building collapsed on Sunday in the early morning in the center of Marseille and the emergency services are at the scene, the police said, although without specifying whether there were victims.

“A building collapsed, emergency services are on the scene, the cause is not determined”declared two police officers in this port city in the south of France.

The Navy firefighters could not give any information at the moment.

The streets surrounding the building are cordoned off and numerous emergency personnel showed up, an AFP photographer confirmed.

In some surrounding streets dust was still floating.

“It was huge like an explosion”said Gilles, a man who preferred not to give his last name, but who lives on a street perpendicular to the collapsed building.

The collapse of two buildings Aubagne street, also in the center of Marseille, in November 2018 left eight dead. These buildings were in a serious state of unsanitary conditions.

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