Proyecto minero Romero no afectaría afluentes  San Juan, dice Gold Quest

Romero mining project would not affect San Juan tributaries, says Gold Quest

The company Gold Quest He assured that in a possible mining operation such as the one proposed by the Romero project, the use of cyanide would not be necessary and that the tributaries of the San Juan province, Granero del Sur, would not be affected by chemical agents.

During the presentation of the project to members of the Dominican College of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors (CODIA) and Civil Society, within the framework of the discussion “Contributions of engineering and surveying to the Romero project”Luis Santana, president of Gold Quest, highlighted that they are committed to an environmentally and socially sustainable mining operation that translates into social and economic transformation for the province and the South region.

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He specified that no chemical procedure will be carried out in the area to separate the minerals that will be extracted, such as gold, copper, zinc and silver, since this will be sent to another place in a paste and that for its elaboration it does not need to use chemicals.

“We must talk about how we can transform this reality together, and through the proposal of a mining operation that promises to improve the living conditions of sanjuaneros with the generation of jobs, which would immediately transform the development of the province,” he said. Santana.
He indicated that the project under construction would generate 1,000 jobs and in the operation about 3,000 direct and indirect.

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