Foreign Minister on trip denied to Pedro Castillo: "Our international image is once again in question"

Foreign Minister Landa on rejection of Pedro Castillo’s travel authorization: “I urge you to be able to review that decision”

The chancellor He ruled on the decision that the plenary session of Congress made this Thursday, October 6, by not authorizing the trip of President Pedro Castillo to Belgium, Italy and the Holy See in Vatican City, where he would hold a meeting with Pope Francis.

In a press conference from the Government Palace, Landa urged Parliament to review the measure taken, since he emphasized that it does not affect the president, but foreign and humanitarian policy.

I would urge the representatives of Congress to be able to review that decision because it compromises not the president himself, but foreign policy and in particular to the humanitarian policy, which is sought to be strengthened with the cooperation”, he stated.

The member of the ministerial cabinet also said that the Legislature’s rejection of the Head of State’s request surprised the Government and Peru’s allied countries, since a meeting with the Pope Francisco.

The pronouncement that Congress has made today means a surprise for the Foreign Ministry and also for our partners and friendly countriesparticularly as His Holiness, Pope Francis, hoped to receive President Castillo in an audience next Monday, October 17”, he expressed.

Likewise, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that this also frustrates Pedro Castillo’s meeting with the food programs of the Organization of Nations (UN) and with the leaders of the European Union.

The planned agendas to have a meeting with the United Nations Food Fund or the United Nations Food Program are frustrated at the presidential level. The meeting with the leaders of the European Union is also scheduled to strengthen ties in common cooperation”, Cesar Landa said.

This Thursday, with 54 votes in favor, 55 against and 6 abstentions, the plenary session of Congress rejected the request presented by the Executive for Castillo Terrones to leave the national territory on October 12 and 18 to visit Brussels (Belgium), the Holy See and international organizations based in Rome.


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