Roberto Kamiche on his departure from the Peru Libre bench: "There was no leadership"

Roberto Kamiche on his departure from the Peru Libre bench: “There was no leadership”

The legislator of the brand new bench of Democratic Peru, He explained that the reason he resigned from Peru Libre was because “there was no leadership.”

In statements to Exitosa, he asserted that the initiatives he presented in different committees were not attended to on time, and he also said that his participation in the plenary session does not have enough space.

“I did not see any support in an endorsement of my proposals. I did not see an organization, a concept of leadership in the bench, and unfortunately I had to separate for that “, He said.

In plenary sessions they gave me participations of one minute, what can be exposed in one minute? While other people were given seven minutes. (…) Those things made me uncomfortable. They wouldn’t let me participate and I had to be begging for participation. This way we cant workadded.

Roberto Kamiche on his departure from the Peru Libre bench: “There was no leadership”

On January 7, the former members of Peru Libre, Acción Popular and Somos Perú, petitioned the Mayor of Congress for the constitution of the new bench called Peru Democrático.

They are the legislators Hamlet Echevarría, Luis Kamiche and Guillermo Bermejo, all former members of Perú Libres; as well as Carlos Zeballos former member of Popular Action; and Héctor Valer who today resigned from Somos Perú.

According to the charter of the new parliamentary group, the titular spokesperson will be Héctor Valer, while the first and second alternate spokesperson will be Zeballos Madariaga and Echevarría Rodríguez, respectively.

Democratic Peru has three main ideas: prepare the new Constitution of Peru, promote structural legislative initiatives of the State and recover the institutional image of the Congress of the Republic.

The principles of the new bench are: political participation, fundamental rights, political pluralism, majority principle, organic separation of functions and political representation.

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