¿Quién es «Dodof», exinformante de la DEA arrestado en RD por caso Moïse?

Who is «Dodof», a former DEA informant arrested in the DR for the Moïse case?

One of the men who has been singled out for his alleged involvement in the death of the president of Haiti Jovenel Moïse, the convicted drug trafficker and former United States Admiration for Drug Control (DEA, for its acronym in English), Rodolph Jaar, was arrested last Friday in the Dominican Republic, according to a publication in the Miami Herald newspaper.

Jaar, who has is known as «Dodof », has an extensive criminal record registered in several countries, such as Haiti, the United States and even the Dominican Republic. According to reports from international media such as Univision, the 49-year-old Dodof is also known as the “black sheep»And comes from a family of elite businessmen in Haiti.

His family, Palestinian emigrants from Bethlehem, owns a license to bottle Coca-Cola in the neighboring nation, as well as the brewery in Canada and has investments in electricity.

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But they are very far from Rodolphe, who is reputed to be a great spendthrift that mysteriously disappears from Haiti for long periods. Jaar’s brother is an importer of chicken and rice “, publishes the aforementioned international news chain.

Dodof was a high-profile DEA informant and was familiar with DEA ​​operations in Haiti. The reports also indicate that it is likely that the work for that United States anti-drug agency will have ended in 2016.

The arrest of Jaar It occurred last Friday when he was preparing to leave Haiti from Dominican soil.

Univision says Jaar was facing the life imprisonment, but being a DEA informant he received a sentence of less than four years in prison. The prosecutor in the case told the court that despite his mistakes, Jaar deserved a reduction in his sentence because his cooperation had allowed numerous arrests and drug seizures.

In his 2014 sentence, Jaar apologized to the judge. “Your Honor, I have accepted full responsibility from the beginning, and have cooperated with the government,” he said. «I admit that I have made a big mistake in my cooperation. I can assure you that I will not make this mistake again, “he said.

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