Hugo Javier government will be audited

Hugo Javier government will be audited

The Permanent Commission of Congress approved a draft resolution that requests a comprehensive audit of the general audit of the Executive Power. The works must be carried out in the government of Central, administered by Hugo Javier González, a Colorado Chartist politician.

The promoters of the request were the deputies of Patria Querida, Rocío Vallejo, Sebastián García and Sebastián Villarejo. The objective is to look for some irregularities since the beginning of González’s administration. Considering that only in the use of resources from the emergency law, in 2020, serious abnormalities were found.

At the request of Villarejo, the audit will also be carried out by the Comptroller’s Office, something that, in principle, was not incorporated.

Lilian Samaniego, independent Colorado senator and president of the Commission, pointed out that with the approval of the requests for reports, the commitment they have to make the efforts transparent is confirmed.


On November 1, Rodrigo Estigarribia, prosecutor of the Specialized Unit for Economic Crimes of the Public Ministry, charged the governor of Central and 14 other people for breach of trust, false statement, production of inauthentic documents and criminal association. This is due to the alleged embezzlement of G. 5,105 million that the government had to allocate to mitigate the pandemic.

A week later, on November 8, the departmental councilors approved the request for intervention. Two weeks later, the Executive sent the request to the Lower House. Finally, on December 15, the request was placed on file.

Del Pilar Medina, a Red Chartist deputy, anticipated the events a little earlier. Due to the fact that the request for comprehensive control was already on the agenda, the legislator requested a similar draft resolution on tables that would affect Miguel Prieto’s mayor of Ciudad del Este (leading politician of several opposition movements in the east).

“By virtue of the fact that there are more than 19 complaints in that municipality against the mayor about mismanagement of funds and lack of transparency. I make this request so that the situation can be clarified to all citizens, “he said.

This request, like the one already cited, was approved by a large majority.
One of the 19 complaints that weigh against the mayor of Ciudad del Este, is about the purchase of 2000 masks by G. 28 thousand supposedly. The awarded firm was Gaesa SA and the total amount of the call was G. 56 million.

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