Roberto Fulcar: No podemos esperar cien años más para salir del último lugar

Roberto Fulcar: We can’t wait another hundred years to get out of last place

The Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, affirmed that the Dominican Republic it is obliged to find “the shortcuts that allow us to quickly reach a quality education without going through the slow trajectory, typical of the 20th century”.

Roberto Fulcar said that the country “is obliged to make a qualitative leap and accelerate the pace, because we cannot allow it to be until the year 2100 when the results that countries in our competition are exhibiting today are achieved.”

The Minister of Education expressed himself in those terms when speaking at the official act of the International Congress on Education I learn 2021, in its 25th version, which between this Friday and Saturday celebrates Business Action for Education (EDUCA).

He recalled that a few days ago the Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study of Educational Quality was presented by UNESCO at the level of the entire Latin American region, in which the Dominican Republic shows slight signs of improvement with respect to itself, but still with great challenges in terms of quality, because we are still in last place.

“We are convinced that this process that the country began with the effort of the entire society since 2013, in terms of financing, must be continued, reaffirmed,” he said.

In his exposition, Roberto Fulcar made a tour of the efforts that were made so that the past school year was not lost and was successful, until reaching the current school year in person.

“The safety of the entire educational community was our responsibility and we acted accordingly, in accordance with our understanding and what the authorities told us on the matter,” he said.

He explained that this school year began the implementation of the New Educational Model “Education to Live Better”, which aims to achieve employability, that is, that new high school graduates can live from what they learn in the classroom.

In this sense, he said that this new model has two fundamental pillars: transforming the general modality high schools into regional thematic polytechnics, as well as English as a Second Language.

“Our strategic plan proposes to graduate citizens, and there is no possibility of fulfilling this purpose, if, as an educational system, we are not capable of building, at each grade and level, a full citizen with the knowledge that today’s world demands, but also with the values ​​and national identity that make him a full member of our community for the fulfillment of all his obligations and for the demand of all his rights, “he said.

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