Report on Pandora Papers is the workhorse of three political groups to impeach Lasso

Report on Pandora Papers is the workhorse of three political groups to impeach Lasso

The Constitutional Guarantees Commission generated a document with assumptions and did not provide evidence on the alleged links of the president with tax havens.

The ministry of government, the presidential cabinet and the bench of I THINK have come out to reject the report of the Commission from Constitutional Guarantees Over the Pandora Papers and the alleged connections of the president Guillermo Lasso with tax havens.

In that report, approved by the six majority votes made up of correístas and Pachakutik, it is stated that the first president breached the Law of the Ethical Pact of 2017, but they do not provide evidence to prove that he currently maintains, or had within his assets at the time of candidacy, offshore companies.

Likewise, the main evidence of the alleged evasion is that there is a difference between the tax payments of Lasso as a natural person equivalent to 34.48% of their income; while the Bank of Guayaquil, on average, pays a little more 3% on its own.

“That is perfectly normal, according to Gonzalo Beltran, a tax lawyer, and putting suspicions about that only shows the ignorance of the assembly members who endorsed the report.

“The same public records of the SRI establish that, between 2002 and 2020, Lasso paid $ 17,805,250.12 in income tax; that is, an average of almost $ 900,000 per year ”, he added.

Through an official statement, The Ministry of Government assured that it is intended to carry out a coup without arguments and in breach of the law.

“The resolution of the report proposes to the plenary Assembly the unconstitutionality and illegal removal of the president of the Republic. It does not cause surprise and the political desire to destabilize the democratic institutionality indicated with absolute clarity by the people at the polls could be observed without equivocation, ”said that instance of the Executive.

Likewise, the legislative bench of I THINK and the ministerial cabinet assured that who should audit the assets of the president, and establish whether there are irregularities or evasion, is the General Contralory of the State.

“We call on the National Assembly to reject this report as absurd, inconsistent and only useful for destabilizing and coup interests. We also value the position of various political sectors, which despite being opposed to the government’s line. they are not willing to lend themselves to the democratic breakdown of the country, “said Lasso’s ministers.

After making the Government’s position known, the Christian Social Partyo (PSC) issued a statement in which it clarified that although it is in opposition and will not support the tax increase, it does not support an alleged plot to remove the President.

“We will continue to refute slander, insults and nonsense. But without that meaning supporting the removal of a President of the Republic, regardless of the Constitution and the law, ”said the PSC.

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