Rechaza actitud del presidente Cámara de Cuentas

Rejects attitude of the president Chamber of Accounts

The spokesman for the block of Alianza País deputies, Pedro Martínez, today described the attitude assumed by the president of the Accounts Chamber, Janel Andrés Ramírez Sánchez, as authoritarian, lacking leadership and behavior with little empathy towards his colleagues.

Peter Martinez

The legislator added that the intervention of Congress is necessary to straighten the course that this supervisory body is taking.

He recalled that Ramírez Sánchez is not the superior of the members of the Chamber of Accounts, given that it is a collegiate body, and he considered that he should have maintained a position of dialogue and consensus.

“The terms that these ladies have discussed with the president of the Chamber of Deputies I do not know, but what I do know is the lack of leadership, the authoritarianism, the little empathic behavior that the president of the Chamber of Accounts has had towards her companions,” she said.

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He added that “it is pertinent that the legislative body, that the Chamber of Accounts commission focus on learning about the circumstances that are developing in that body to correct it, and straighten the course it is taking, because the Chamber of Accounts, of sad memory for the citizens was defined as a chamber of stories, and something that cannot be repeated, we have to avoid it, we have to intervene”.

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