Chinese Consortium also wins arbitration against Pronis and prevents execution of three bail charges in Huancavelica

Chinese Consortium also wins arbitration against Pronis and prevents execution of three bail charges in Huancavelica

With delays and discomfort, officials from the National Health Investment Program (Pronis) reported on what is really happening with the construction of the new Zacarías Correa Valdivia Regional Hospital in Huancavelica.

The first appointment was made for 11:00 am, however, Javier Correa Tineo, director of the hospital, had to report that the appointment had to be suspended, because the Pronis officials had “inconveniences” on the road.

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This fact generated discomfort on the part of journalists and union leaders, who expressed their discomfort at the constant suspensions of the information event on the situational status of the construction of the work.

“The road is fine, this is ridiculous, we cannot be in this situation, we have time now. Who is going to have time on that schedule? We work”, said the leader Miguel Cárdenas indignantly.

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Correa Tineo said that this incident was beyond his responsibility.

At the agreed time, the PRONIS representative, Carlos Cantorín, stated that the last visit he made to the hospital was on August 15, the date on which they found a delay in construction, of which, he said, the resident and supervisor were aware.

“I claimed that the company should invest in the work, because the company has an advance of 43 million that was reported, but the company said that it did not have the resources and that it needed us to approve more additional ones,” said Cantorín.

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He added: “We had already complied on that date, covered by higher general expenses claimed by the extensions of the term, these extensions were already approved and inexplicably had not been paid months ago, but those payments were generated.”

He said that the company also requested a precautionary measure before the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, who prevent it from executing bond letters for advance of materials, direct advance and faithful compliance.

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