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Regime prevents CubaNet journalist María Matienzo from attending the Summit of the Americas

MIAMI, United States. — The independent writer and journalist María Matienzo Puerto was unable to travel to the United States this Sunday to intervene in the IX Summit of the Americas because the Cuban authorities prohibited his departure from the island.

In statements offered to CubaNet, Matienzo revealed that since 10 in the morning the Internet service was interrupted. “That was already a warning that something was going to happen.”

The reporter points out that when she arrived at the airport she was able to quickly identify several State Security agents.

“When I got to the airport they were there. There were three repressors: two of those who usually repress us and one I don’t know. They were witnesses to the process all the time, ”she pointed out.

“Can’t travel today”

“I got to Immigration and that’s when they tell me to get behind the red line. They ask for my address. It seems that they make some call. I didn’t know exactly what they did. The process was very fast. The immigration officer who returns with my passport tells me that I cannot travel today. She gave me no explanation, although I asked her exactly why. She was very insistent that she not go for today. I suppose that she went for the subject of the Summit because it was evident: my ticket had Los Angeles as its final destination, ”said the journalist.

Matienzo insisted that State Security agents stayed close to her during her stay at the airport.

“The three of them were there looking a few meters away following the entire process.”

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