They plant ahuehuete in Paseo de la Reforma;  will be the "guardian of the missing"

They plant ahuehuete in Paseo de la Reforma; will be the "guardian of the missing"

“We want to tell the relatives of the disappeared that we see them and that we hear them and that they are in our hearts and that their pain is part of the pain of all Mexicans,” he said.

Sheinbaum took advantage of the moment to refer to programs such as ‘Youth Building the Future’ and ‘Sembrando Vida’, by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“Fortunately, today there is a president and a government in our country that sows the future, that sows hope, that sows Youth Building the Future, that sows life by planting trees throughout the country.

“We are going to meet with this group and with all the groups that fight for the defense of human rights in our city and in our country. That is what distinguishes us, we are a government with open doors, sensitive and that will always fight, where we are, for justice in our Mexico,” he said.

The planted ahuehuete is 12 meters high, 20 years old and was donated by Viveros Regionales and Los Encinos, to later be transferred from Montemorelos, Nuevo León, to the capital.

The ahuehuetes can live around 2,000 years and was selected through an open consultation on the internet at the portal, where it obtained 77,487 votes.

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