Prepare the gift "from dad" for another date, "Father's Day" was postponed in Colombia

Prepare the gift “from dad” for another date, “Father’s Day” was postponed in Colombia

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Fenalco’s proposal was accepted by the National Government.

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Father’s Day, which would be celebrated on June 19 in our country, was postponed for reasons of the presidential elections that coincide with that special date for Colombian families.

The new date was set for next Sunday, June 26, a date on which there will be no type of restriction in terms of capacity in restaurants and shopping centers to buy details or celebrate the day.

This decision was made by the National Government after a proposal presented by the National Federation of Entrepreneurs (FENALCO), an entity that collected the suggestions of the merchants thinking about the second round of the presidential elections.

The argument that this organization put forward to postpone the date is based precisely on the behavior that consumers will have on that date, the day on which they will go en masse to the polls to choose between Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández, the new president of the nation.

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This postponement will have some benefits for those who think about buying a gift for Father’s Day since a day without VAT is coming up.

“Colombians will be able to focus their attention on the presidential elections on the 19th and merchants, for their part, will be able to adjust their promotion strategies,” says the letter issued by Fenalco.

Similarly, they state that the Day without VAT, whose date will be June 17 “can be used to advance the purchase of gifts and finally it will be a celebration without restrictions for businesses, bars and restaurants, where this is usually celebrated. date”.

Prepare the gift "from dad" for another date, "Father's Day" was postponed in Colombia
Part 2 of the Fenalco statement

The following are the words of Jaime Alberto Cabal, president of Fenalco:

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