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RD $ 50 billion approved for the RD Trust

The program has a fixed income that will be made by Fiduciaria Reservas

The Superintendency of the Securities Market authorized the issuance of up to 50,000 million pesos in favor of the Trust for the Operation, Maintenance and Expansion of the Main Road Network of the Dominican Republic (RD VIAL Trust) through a program of securities issuance of Escrow.

The program has a fixed income that will be carried out by the Fiduciaria Reservas, SA, at the expense and account of the RD VIAL Trust, whose trustor is the Dominican State, represented by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC).

The Superintendency said that this is the first trust to which a second public offering of securities has been approved. It also indicated that RD VIAL has a first program of fixed income trust securities registered in the Securities Market Registry in 2016 and that the maturity of the new securities will be up to 20 years from the date of each broadcast that is generated from the program. He specified that the maturity of the securities will never exceed the term of the trust.

In a press release, the institution explained that the funds obtained from the placement of the second issuance program may be used by the RD VIAL Trust for partial or total repayment of the short and long-term financial commitments that the trust maintains; financing of the road expansion plan and financing of the major maintenance program.

The specific use of the funds will be determined in the Notice of Primary Placement and in the issuance prospectus corresponding to each issuance generated by the program.

He pointed out that the fixed income trust securities may be acquired by any type or class of person or special vehicle that has the interest and legal power to do so, including natural persons and / or legal persons, of public or private nature, national and / or or foreign.

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