Purchase of tractors for farmers returns to zero in the Regional Government of Huancavelica

Purchase of tractors for farmers returns to zero in the Regional Government of Huancavelica

The regional councilor for Teobaldo Quispe Guillen, referred to the problem of buying tractors for producers who won Procompite in 2019, which continues to affect the winners.

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“From the administrative part they mention that the process was carried out since last year, the good pro cost more than 5 million, but, the day that the businessman was going to sign the contract, the prosecution seized the documents, so no he was able to sign the contract that day,” reported Quispe Guillén.

He limited: “It seems that the company that came in second place would have denounced and for that reason seized the prosecution. The administrative part also blamed the businessman for not being present; we had a meeting and he agreed to give a solution so that the process is not postponed”.

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Despite said agreement, the counselor stated that the process was left at zero, a decision that would harm the 38 associations that were going to benefit from this acquisition and that have been harmed for a long time by the mismanagement of the Regional Government of Huancavelica, for which made an exhortation.

“I urge the authorities and administrative part of the GRH to find a solution as soon as possible, we do not want a repeat of the case that we left Procompite in the first administration and that due to political jealousy they left it aside and many brothers from the countryside left of trusting Procompite”, he explained.

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He noted that many of the beneficiaries had already bought tractor harrows and disks, and even already had the places where they would put the tractor, in addition to the expense they made for the technical files with which they won the Procompite project.

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