Punta Catalina unit out 45 days for maintenance

Punta Catalina unit out 45 days for maintenance

The Unit 1 of the thermoelectric Catalina Point It has been out of service since last Saturday and will be in a maintenance process for 45 days.

“This is major scheduled maintenance,” said George Reinoso, executive director of the Liquidation Commission of the CDEEEwho is also an assistant to Celso Marranzini in the administration of Catalina Pointto Diario Libre.

The unit was shut down on Saturday while annual scheduled maintenance is being carried out, Reinoso said.

The plant, which has a gross installed capacity of 752 megawatts, distributed in two units of 376 megawatts each, represents between 30% and 35% of the country’s electricity generation, according to the Dominican Corporation of State Electric Companies. (cdeee).

The executive explained that during this process all aspects of the unit and scheduled changes are reviewed.

“This will have little effect on the system since it is scheduled annually,” he said.

The Unit 1 from Catalina Point it was out of service for 13 days last December, although it was announced at the time that it would only be down for a weekend.

The thermoelectric plant Catalina Point (CTPC) was the main generator of the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI) in 2021, despite the problems in the supply of coal and technical failures that it presented during the past year.

23% of the electrical energy produced by all the SENI plants in 2021 came from the two CTPC plants, equivalent to 4,453.2 gigawatt-hours (GWh), of the 19,431.1 that were generated in the country in the referred period.

The information is contained in the Annual Report on Operations and Economic Transactions for the year 2021, prepared by the SENI Coordinating Body (OC), in which it is shown that the state power plant produced almost 60% more than the next generation company. .

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