Average price of land rose 6% and there were sales for more than US$ 800 million

The price of land appreciated 6% in Uruguay during 2021 with an average value per hectare (ha) of US$3,499, reported this Tuesday the Agricultural Statistics Office (DIEA) of the Ministry of Livestock. There were 1,239 purchase and sale operations of fields that covered an area of ​​almost 232 thousand hectares, constituting an increase of 51% compared to the previous year if we consider the area sold.

The price of land recovered in 2021 and remained at US$/ha 3,500

The total amount of operations in the past year exceeded US$ 810 million. The comparison between the first semester and the second showed an increase in the number of operations of 31% and 3% in terms of the area sold. Meanwhile, the value per hectare was 12% higher in the second half of 2021, according to the DIEA.

By department and size

The departments with the largest operated area were Lavalleja, Rocha and Duraznoaccumulating something more than 72 thousand hectares and US$ 211 dollars, which constitutes 31% and 26% of the respective totals for the year.

The departments of Soriano, Colonia and Cannelloni with averages per hectare of US$/ha 6,993, $6,109 and $5,408 respectively, were the ones that obtained the highest average prices. At the other end, the lowest average price corresponded for the seventh consecutive year to the department of Artigas with US$/ha 1,500.

The commercialization of land according to its size scale shows, as usual, that those rural properties between 10 and 100 hectares concentrate the largest number of operations (70% of the total) and 14% of the total area transacted.

At the other end, 2% of operations —those greater than 2,000 hectares— explain 28% of the area sold and a quarter of the amount operated. Analyzing the transactions by the sale price, in 2021 the values ​​between US$2,501 and US$5,000 per hectare explain 39% of the operations and 46% of the surface, according to the official report.

On the other hand, 24% of the area sold in 2021, almost 56 thousand hectares, were sold on the Coneat scale of 60 and 80, reaching an average price of US$2,561/ha.

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