Prosecutor filed complaint of the Broad Front for agreement with Katoen Natie

Prosecutor filed complaint of the Broad Front for agreement with Katoen Natie

The Prosecutor for Economic and Complex Crimes, Gilberto Rodríguez, File, Archive the complaint filed by the Broad Front (FA) by alleged irregularities on the signing of the agreement between the government and the Belgian company Katoen Natieby which the concession of the specialized container terminal in the port of Montevideo was extended until 2081, they confirmed to The Observer judicial sources.

Rodríguez did not find conduct that could be classified as a crime, although he did question the actions of the president of the National Ports AdministrationJuan Curbelo.

The complaint was presented by the Broad Front (FA) in 2021 for alleged serious crimes and targeted four leaders who participated in the “prejudiced” agreement in the opinion of the opposition. Those authorities were Luis Alberto Heber –Minister of Transportation and Public Works when the agreement was signed–, Juan Curbelo –President of the ANP–, Rodrigo Ferrés –Deputy Secretary of the Presidency– and Juan José Olaizola –Undersecretary of Transportation and Public Works–.

According to the 185-page file opinion to which he accessed The Observerprosecutor Rodríguez maintained that the information collected leads to the conclusion “that the conducts that are intended to be imputed lack criminal legal relevancenot finding elements for the objective or subjective configuration of the required type”.

“Despite this, I reiterate that, in my opinion, the advice was not correctly provided on a formal level,” the prosecutor stated in reference to the fact that the president of the ANP dispensed with the board of directors when it came to advising the Executive Power on port matters, which in his opinion “is not valid.”

But it is necessary to take into account that the omission of notifying the other directors of the efforts that he had been carrying out must be read in the context of the confidentiality that had also been arranged for the other defendants, who represented the PE, the Presidency of the Republic, the MTOP and the ANP. These aspects decide the consideration of subjective elements such as typical intent and the enforceability of alternative behavior, although there may be valid questions about the way to manage the agreement entered into with KNG.

As reported MVD News and confirmed The Observer, prosecutor Rodríguez did not find sufficient elements to charge the people involved in the complaint. The Broad Front, for its part, assured The Observer who will ask for a review of this decision.

Several members of the government were summoned to testify in this case, such as heber, ferres, curbelo and Olaizola. Also Belgian company representatives.

News in development.

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