Professor posted that the Holocaust is a "big lie" and was charged with incitement to hatred

“The great lie of the Jewish Holocaust was brilliantly created and fed on a weekly basis. Not a single week goes by without the media publishing a story referring to the Holocaust. Anyone acting objectively will discover the historical sources that unmask the myth of the six million gassed Jews and turned into ashes, soap and screens with their skin … “The statement made by a high school teacher on social networks, and in retired opportunities, earned him the imputation for the crime of incitement to hatred, contempt or violence towards certain people (Article 149 bis of the Penal Code).

As he knew The Observer, the prosecutor Diego Pérez investigated the case and requested the imputation of the man who is also a retired military man. In addition, the case is scheduled to be closed with a reparatory agreement between the accused and the Israelit Central Committeea, which will be presented to the Justice with the endorsement of the Prosecutor’s Office. As established, as part of the agreement, the accused will receive a talk at the Holocaust Museum.

In addition, he had already deleted all the publications he had posted on his networks when he was summoned to testify by the prosecutor Pérez.

The criminal complaint was filed by the National Human Rights Institution (Inddhh), which received the case from the Israeli Central Committee and referred it to the Prosecutor’s Office after the professor published expressions and videos in which he denied the Holocaust. The Inddhh also communicated the teacher’s publications to Secondary.

In the videos, some of which had been filmed at the Holocaust monument on the Punta Carretas promenade, he stated that “there was no plan to exterminate human beings, no gas chamber worked in any German concentration camp, it was It hides that in the last months of World War II all of Germany was devastated … all of Germany went hungry and the concentration camps together with their own guards also starved and typhus, until then controlled, attacked some infected “, stated as stated in the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office. “The images of those released in good physical condition are hidden. And all those released, when they can choose where to go, return to Germany !!! and flee from the Russian troops …”, he said.

The prosecutor considered that “unnecessarily he graphs his videos from the Holocaust monument on the rambla, qualifying it as a monument to lies, thereby clearly inciting hatred towards the affected community“.

The National Human Rights Institution understood that the teacher’s expressions “are contextualized in the field of freedom of communication of thought and information,” said Busca when the complaint was filed.

The defendant stated that “the Auschwitz figure of one million exterminated Jews implies that the Nazis at their peak had 52 ovens where they cremated 4,756 bodies per day. That means that more than 91 bodies were cremated per day per oven, 4 people per day. hour, 1 every 15 minutes, every day 24 hours a day without stopping. That is scientifically impossible. With the technology that exists today it takes two hours to cremate a body but we have to assume that with the technology of 1940 ¿ Was it possible to cremate 21 people every 15 minutes? “, he asked.

Auschwitz concentration camp

He also stated that the Red Cross entered the concentration camps and “never reported irregularities, never until international Jewry won the war.” In his speech he noted that “the largely dead and the horrible conditions that the prisoners were forced to endure was the fault of the allies and not an extermination plan by the Germans.”

“What credible evidence is there of the Jewish Holocaust? None and there is no document that speaks of extermination … We saw it in Hollywood movies, therefore it is true as Mary Poppins flying with a black umbrella,” he ironically.

The defendant also questioned the government of Tabaré Vázquez in his videos. He affirmed that the president who died while he was president “never went down to the mausoleum of Gral. Artigas to pay homage to him” and tried to “transform the place into a car park.” “You could not show greater contempt. Today the indoctrination continues on the national TV network,” he said in another video.

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