Buenos Aires doctors stop and ask to reopen the paritaria

Buenos Aires doctors stop and ask to reopen the paritaria

Health professionals stop in the province of Buenos Aires.

The Trade Union Association of Health Professionals (Cicop) Buenos Aires make this Friday a 24 hour stoppage with mobilization to the city of La Plata, in demand of “the reopening of parity bargaining“reported the guild.

Buenos Aires health professionals and workers will march from the Plaza Moreno from the Plaza Moreno to the headquarters of the Government from 10:30 am, to demand “the immediate reopening of joint ventures and a salary recomposition”.

“We will begin the last month of the year with a new measure of force, resolved by the assemblies and the provincial Congress, demanding a fair recognition of the health team,” the union said in a statement.

The communication stated: “Once again we will be on the streets to make visible the situation in our sector and the claims that we have been making for a long time”.

At the same time they warned that “the pandemic did not end” and that “on the contrary, it has entered a new stage generating great uncertainty regarding the future of the next few months throughout the world.”

“The development of new variants such as Omicron, to a large extent, is the result of the enormous inequality in the global distribution of vaccines and the unbridled greed of laboratories and the great world powers, which forces a huge reflection on the release of patents and the need for a global strategy that includes all the countries of the world “, they concluded.

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