Cámara de Cuentas  realizó auditoría a gestión de Gonzalo Castillo en Obras Públicas y esto fue lo que encontró

Chamber of Accounts audited the management of Gonzalo Castillo in Public Works and this was what it found

The Chamber of Accounts of the Dominican Republica revealed through an audit conducted by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOCP), then led by Gonzalo castle, a series of irregularities. in contracts for the purchase of asphalt material AC-30 with the company General Supply Corporation SRL.

According to the CCRD, the State stopped receiving the taxes and surcharges that must be presented amounting to RD $ 171,999,103.

Some of the payments

Here are some of the data revealed by the audit:

  1. Limitation on the scope of the investigation.
  2. Hiring without evidence of the selection process.
  3. Execution of contract without evidence of special presidential power of attorney.
  4. Contract without a clause of the contracted amount.
  5. Contract without evidence of registration with the Comptroller General of the Republic.
  6. Acquisition of AC-30 asphalt cement without evidence of budgetary appropriation.
  7. Acquisition of petroleum derivatives from a company without evidence of a license.
  8. Absence of quality certificate and verification tests of the AC-30.
  9. Taxes and surcharges no longer received by the State, amounting to RD $ 171,999,103.
  10. a) Difference in imported AC-30 vs. billed, for the amount of 2,884,623 gallons, equivalent to RD $ 359,712,488.
  11. b) Difference in invoice NCFl 150000057 dated January 4, 2017, invoiced
    versus imported, for the amount of 29,265 gallons, equivalent to RD $ 4,787,024.
  12. Quantity surpluses, without evidence of price adjustments, for the sum of RD $
  13. Payments in excess of the contracted amount without evidence of justification, for an amount of RD $ 484,117,400.
  14. Payments made without evidence of DGII and TSS certification, amounting to RD $ 422,992,993.
  15. Irregularities in the contract signed between the Ministry of Public Works and the Reserve Bank.

They had already reported management irregularities

“This lawsuit is Gonzalo Castillo’s birthday, who today November 20 celebrates 59 years,” as expressed the members of the civic movement Somos Pueblo, when they filed on November 20, 2019, a complaint against the former Minister of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), and current presidential candidate who is accused of an alleged act of corruption.

Ricardo Ripoll, Eduardo Sánchez and Jesús Espaillat Cabral, president, organization secretary and vice president, presented the complaint against the former official before the Special Prosecutor for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca), for the alleged acts of prevarication, bribery in trade, investment and money laundering from the illicit drug trafficking.

In the 19-page submission, the complainants allege that Gonzalo Castillo between August 16, 2012 and September 12, 2019, was the main leader of a macro-structure of corruption that operated from that ministry, and a corporate network of his property, which he operated in his personal office, on José López street at the corner of Amelia Francasci, Gampsa building, in the Los Prados sector.

They maintain that innumerable illicit acts were committed from that place, such as: the overvaluation of public works, receipt of bribes, prevarication, money laundering, all with the approval of his direct superior, President Danilo Medina.

Also, journalist Alicia ortega revealed on November 19 that the Ministry of Public Works formed between April and September 2019 about seven contracts for 11.5 billion pesos, for the purchase of hot asphalt concrete to pave streets in various parts of the country.

According to El Informe, the same day that Castle announced his resignation, one of the seven section processes of irregular contracts sponsored by Public Works was published.

The project that was carried out in Higüey, La Romana, Villa Consuelo, Constanza and Azua, involved seven purchase processes by exception and almost 40 pre-approved and contracted companies for 300 million pesos each.

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