President says that "put your face in the fire" by education minister

President says that "put your face in the fire" by education minister

President Jair Bolsonaro defended the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, on Thursday night (24), during his live weekly on social media.President says that "put your face in the fire" by education minister

“[Sobre] Milton, a rare thing for me to say here: I put my whole face on fire for Milton. They are cowardly with him,” he said.

Milton Ribeiro is the target of investigation for allegedly favoring the release of resources to city halls through the intermediation of two pastors. Religious people are also the target of the investigation that was opened by the Federal Supreme Court (STF), at the request of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

“If he had been setting up, he wouldn’t have put it on the official agenda open to the public. It’s very simple: when the guy wants to set it up, he goes naked in the pool, in a corner of the world, on the edge of the beach. agenda,” added Bolsonaro during the broadcast.

In a note released to the press, Milton Ribeiro said that there was no type of favoring in the distribution of funds from the ministry. According to him, the allocation of federal resources follows the budget legislation.

“There is no possibility for the minister to determine the allocation of resources to favor or disadvantage any municipality or state”, he said, when speaking.

misconduct action

During the liveBolsonaro also commented on the submission, by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) to the Federal Court, of a administrative impropriety action against the president and former parliamentary secretary of the Chamber of Deputies Walderice Santos da Conceição.

The action, which also asks for the reimbursement of public resources, is related to the period in which Bolsonaro served as a federal deputy. According to the MPF, Walderice, known as Wal do Açaí, was not in Brasília during the period and did not perform any function related to the position. The action also cites an atypical movement in the former secretary’s bank account, with cash withdrawals of more than 80% of the remuneration.

“She has never been to Brasilia. I am confessing here,” said the president. According to him, it is common practice for parliamentarians to distribute the advisors for the mandate between the cabinet in Brasilia and the state of origin.

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