President opens tram station in Parnamirim

President opens tram station in Parnamirim

President Jair Bolsonaro participated in the morning of today (30), in Parnamirim, Rio Grande do Norte, of the opening of the Cajupiranga Station, which is part of the White Line of Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos (CBTU). The event also marks the conclusion of the works on the first stretch of the railway line in the metropolitan region of Christmas.President opens tram station in Parnamirim

“Enough of being ruled by people who don’t believe in their people, by people who want power for power’s sake. They can to have sure, the examples I have well demonstrated. We have one of the most democratic presidents in the history of Brazil. A president who even gave his people the right to to have possession of a firearm. Armed people will never be enslaved. and they can to have certainty that, on the occasion of the elections, the votes will be counted in Brazil”, said Bolsonaro.

Urban trains in Rio Grande do Norte transport, on average, 11,600 people per day. The system has 56.6 kilometers of railway lines and 23 stations.

The Minister of Regional Development, Rogério Marinho, said that R$ 90 million were invested in the metropolitan region of Christmasin eight stations, three wagons and 30 kilometers of railways, “the largest railway infrastructure in the Brazilian Northeast”.

Communications Minister Fábio Faria said that all 23 stations in Rio Grande do Norte have free internet. He also said that he intends, by the end of his term, to to have Internet is available in all schools in the state.

The Ministers of Citizenship, João Roma, and of Social Development, Rogério Marinho, leave their ministries today (30) to run for office in the next elections.

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