Central Bank increases monetary policy rates

President Luis Abinader meets with ministers at the Palace

President Louis Abinader led a council meeting last night Minister at the National Palacein which “balance passed” to the country’s situation and the operating plans, expenses and income of the various State institutions were evaluated so far this year.

The meeting started around 8:40 p.m. and ended an hour laterwhen the officials began to leave the room on the second floor of the National Palace, where the activity took place.

Although there was no official statement, the Ministers of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) Deligne Asuncion and the Youth Rafael J. Happy and the director of the DIDA, Carmen SerrataThey informed the journalists that it was a routine meeting, where officials explain to President Abinader the actions they carry out in the institutions they direct.

They informed the president of the news, the successes, the inconveniences and suggestions are made to achieve the goals.

Since the beginning of his government administration, in August 2020, President Abinader regularly convenes the Council of Ministers, in which general directors also participate; last night were also the president of the engineering senate Edward Star and the Chamber of Deputies, Alfred Pacheco.

The objective is to “balance” the work carried out by State institutions in their role of serving the nation and comply with the structured plans for each month of the year, according to the established budgets.

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security agencies

Yesterday, President Luis Abinader ordered a meeting with the heads of the State Security agencies with whom the attack on the buses in the new corridor of the charles de gaulle avenuewhich left several people injured and the windows of the vehicle damaged, among other aspects.

The conflict between leaders and groups linked to public transport, which degenerated into the attack with stones on a bus, an action that left several people injured in East Santo Domingo, generated concern in the population that sees the transport unions as violent entities.

there were berasdirector of the Transport Cabinet, informed that the meeting was headed by the Minister of the Presidency, Lisandro Macarrullaalong with representatives of state protection agencies, who analyzed the scope of the acts of vandalism.

They seek to protect the transformation process of public transport carried out by the Government.

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