President Boric highlights Argentina’s world title: “His joy crosses the mountain range”

The 2022 World Cup final in Qatar had everyone expectant, including President Gabriel Boric, who celebrated the title won by Argentina on penalties against France.

Through his Twitter account, the President indicated “how beautiful soccer is. A giant hug to the Argentine brothers. Their joy crosses the mountain range.”

He was not the only member of the Government who commented on the match. The spokeswoman Camila Vallejo first stated that the match was “heart-stopping” and after finishing, she indicated on the same social network: “Oh what we suffered with this unforgettable final! Thank you to both teams for this tremendous match. Congratulations to the Argentine brothers and sisters for the victory, we are proud that the cup returns to Latin America”.

The Minister of Social Development, Giorgio Jackson, added: “How beautiful football is and congratulations Argentina damn it! Deserved victory and with the best player in the world on the pitch!”

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