Petro's proposal to recover purchasing power

Petro’s proposal to recover purchasing power

After the increase in the minimum wage, the president expressed through Twitter a series of measures that I would like to take in 2023.

(See: Coal production in the country would fall to 60% in 2030).

Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia, confirmed last Thursday, December 15, 2022the 16% increase in the minimum wage and 20% in transportation assistance by 2023.

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However also informed the Colombians which is the only thing that will increase next year.

Through his social networks, the president expressed: “neither rents, nor electricity and services, nor transportation, nor food should grow by 13% next year. Their prices must come down. The usury rate must be lowered and the public bank credit rate must be the lowest in the market”.

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In addition, they also asked the regulatory commissions for public services separate the tariffs for services from the general price index, since the objective is for Colombian households to feel relief and thereby mitigate the impact of key factors such as inflation.

(See: They began to notify the households enabled by the Mi Casa Ya program).

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