The woman arrested for the theft of a baby in the San Lorenzo de Los Mina maternity

Police try to determine if there are more involved in baby kidnapping

SANTO DOMINGO.- The authorities are expanding the investigations to determine if more people were involved in the abduction of a newborn baby in the San Lorenzo de Los Mina maternity hospital, which was recovered by the Police in a community in Nagua.

The robbery occurred on the 21st of this month, at 3:00 in the morning, and a woman who pretended to be pregnant, who was identified as Pamela Rosario Suárez, is accused of the act.

The woman arrested for the theft of a baby in the San Lorenzo de Los Mina maternity

The defendant, who was detained in the Ensanche Felicidad detachment, in Los Mina, Santo Domingo Este, was transferred to the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice, where a judge is expected to hear a measure of coercion in the next few hours.

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A fountain police reported this Tuesday that the suspect has given important clues that could lead to others involved. “About ten people have already been interviewed about this case,” the source said.

After removing the baby inside a bundle, the woman took a taxi in front of the hospital and went to a neighborhood in the Capital, where she has a husband.

There she made the first stopover, then moved to her house on Main Street in the Castillo Cerrejón community, in Nagua, María Trinidad Sánchez province, where, supposedly, she has another husband.

The infant’s mother is Keraldis Pacheco, who, together with relatives, asked to investigate the case and identify the hospital staff who, according to her word, acted in complicity in the theft of the baby.

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