Lacalle Pou urged the promotion of a free trade zone between CELAC countries

Lacalle Pou urged the promotion of a free trade zone between CELAC countries

At the VII Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), on Tuesday 24 in Buenos Aires, the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, called for opening up to the world and promoting a free trade zone within the bloc.

He argued that the strength of the organization will depend on the ability to search for the prosperity of the people, beyond ideologies.

In his speech, the president highlighted the country’s willingness to open the region to the rest of the world and recognized Celac’s instances of dialogue with other blocs, such as the European Union, China, India and the African Union.

He stated that Uruguay reached the summit with a speech of opportunities and planning. “This requires taking action, among other things, to strengthen this instrument and make it reliable,” he said. He added that the participating countries arrive inspired by the prosperity of their peoples, “certainly based on different ideas”, and that there may be nuances or opposing thoughts, but all with the goal of prosperity for their peoples.

“Isn’t it time to open up these relations and for Celac to promote a free trade zone between our countries? From Mexico to southern South America. Can’t we move forward in that direction?” he asked the leaders present. “Many of our economies are complementary. I am sure that we could move forward in that sense, ”he said.

Lacalle Pou considered that Celac must function beyond the ideology of governments and that this is where the strength of these spaces lies. He added that the strength of the organization will be in variety, change and alternation.

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