Policía mata a tres presuntos delincuentes en el ensanche Luperón

Police kill three suspected criminals in the Luperón expansion

Three suspected criminalsdesignated as members of a dangerous gang of robbers who kept merchants and citizens of the National District and Greater Santo Domingo in distress, They were killed last night in the middle of “a confrontation” with shots against agents of the Central Investigation Directorate (DICRIM), originating in the Luperón expansion, of this capital, where they resisted being arrested.

Is about Adrian Jose Mercedes Duran (El Mello)21 years old; Brailyn Martinez (Bryan)25, and one third person in process of identificationin whose possession – according to the National Police– I know they seized three firearmswith which they fired shots at the officers who were following them and tried to capture them in the José Dolores Cerón street corner 17of the said sector.

It was in these circumstances, according to the preliminary report, that the acting police officers repelled the attack with shots and caused the injuries that later caused the death of the aforementioned alleged criminals, who They operated together with four other criminals who make up the gang of robbers.

Watch: It is expected that “Danielito” will be presented today before a judge

Suspected criminals committing a criminal act

The Taurus PT92 pistols, caliber 9 millimeters, were seized from the deceased; the Smith & Wesson, 9 mm caliber, model 910, and the Tanfoglio Spa, 9 mm caliber, whose provenance is under investigation.

The institution specified that Mercedes Durán (El Mello) was wanted for having arrest warrants against him number 0109-January-2021 and 530-2022-EMES-0388. While against Martinez (Brayan) there are multiple reports of robberies and assaults with violence.

While in the institution’s archives: “El Mello” appears with three registers (chips) for robbery and Martinez (Bryan) with one.

The police promptly indicated more details of the case will be providedas the investigative process progresses.

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