They present a project so that the president can be accused of corruption in his mandate

Podemos Peru proposes that elections called by the president of Congress be general

The bench of at the initiative of congresswoman Digna Calle, presented a bill that establishes that the elections called by the president of Congress will be for the election of the president of the Republic, vice presidents, as well as congressmen and Peruvian representatives before Parliament Andean.

It’s about the has the purpose of modifying article 115 of the Political Constitution of Peru, regarding the temporary or permanent impediment of the exercise of the Presidency of the Republic, which would be worded as follows:

“Due to temporary or permanent impediment of the President of the Republic, the First Vice President assumes his functions. Failing this, the Second Vice President. By impediment of both, the President of the Congress. If the impediment is permanent, the President of Congress immediately calls for the election of the President of the Republic, Vice Presidents, as well as the Congressmen of the Republic and the Peruvian representatives before the Andean Parliament..

In the explanatory memorandum it is stated that when Conflicts between the Executive and the Legislativethey generate “biased interpretations” of the Constitution that lead to scenarios of friction or political instability, which could jeopardize our democratic system, the separation of powers, as well as the harmony and social peace that the population expects from its representatives.

“In this sense, this legislative initiative proposes a precision in the aforementioned constitutional article that allows guaranteeing democracy, the balance of powers, governability and respect for human rights”underlines.

In the same way, the bill intends to solve the vagueness contained in article 115 of the Constitution, with regard to the immediate call for elections that the president of Congress must carry out in the event of vacancies or resignations.

“Thus things are, with the legislative proposal, it will be possible to strengthen governance and guarantee the balance of powers, therefore, the precision of the scope of the call for general elections that the President of Congress must carry out, is viable”says the document.


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