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Velázquez analyzes betrayal of the ANR in the case of losing the internal ones

In the opinion of the Colorado deputy, Walter Harms, the session where Calos María López was elected as president of the Lower House is “irregular.” He maintained that from Honor Colorado the possibility of prosecuting what happened this Thursday is being analyzed.

“Today was an embarrassment. Those who believe themselves to be pristine were the ones who today carried out an irregular session. They trampled on the regulations, ”said the Colorado Honorary Deputy, Walter Harms, in communication with Universo 970.

Harms added that the session that was to begin at 09:00 was called off due to lack of a quorum, but despite that, the opponents, accompanied by the ruling Colorados, decided to go ahead to elect the new board of directors.

“The reality is that it is a short-term defeat, but a serious warning signal for the Colorado Party. Evidently from the Colorado ruling party and from the intention of Hugo Velázquez, what is sought here is to destroy the occasional adversary of the inmates. Get there no matter what the cost,” Harms said.

“We understand that today’s session is irregular. For us there is no elected board of directors, because there was no session”, she stressed.

Likewise, he said that the liberal deputy Carlos María López does not have the “guitar player’s nails” to carry out the management of the presidency of the Chamber and from Honor Colorado they analyze the possibility of a judicial action. “We want to set a precedent that once and for all the trampling of regulations has to end, for the sole fact of having a conjunctural majority,” he specified.

“Unfortunately, from the Executive Power they have given the opposition a space of power that corresponds to the Colorado Party,” he added.

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