What Cervecería says about the strike of bottle racks

What Cervecería says about the strike of bottle racks

The Brewery Dominican National (CND) reported that the stoppage of the bottle racks will not greatly affect the operation of the company, since only 39 of the 530 members of the Network for the Collection of Bottle Racks have joined the protest of their union.

Regarding the demands demanded by the National Association of United Bottlers, Brewery assured that “in recent months the company has been working on the increase of the incentives offered, a new benefit added to those already implemented, such as a 50% increase in the value of the bottle”.

He also specified that it is a commitment of the company not to market with people who are not duly formalized in the waste collection system. bottles.

The company also highlighted in its press release that it develops other initiatives to face the shortage of packaging with the next operation of the manufacture of bottles from “Caribbean Glass Industry”, that represents the reactivation of the local glass industry and that, therefore, will increase the availability of bottles that can be collected by bottle racks.

“We are in the final phase of testing with the bottles that the factory is producing. It is a process that is changing, but we hope that in the coming months it will become regular”, emphasized Rosalía Esteva, brand manager of Cerveza Presidente.

Finally, Brewery called for dialogue to the 7.3% of the bottle vendors who have paralyzed their services since February 28: “We reaffirm our interest and openness to continue exchanging ideas and opinions without undermining the dynamics of the business, consumers and the livelihood of hundreds of Dominican families.

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