Petrobras increases jet fuel by 3.9%

Petrobras increases jet fuel by 3.9%

Petrobras announced a 3.9% increase in aviation kerosene (QAV) in July. The information was released by the company on Tuesday (5). QAV is used by larger aircraft and impacts the final price of air tickets to consumers.Petrobras increases jet fuel by 3.9%

“According to a practice that dates back to the last 20 years, QAV price adjustments are monthly and defined through a contractual formula negotiated with the distributors. Petrobras’ QAV sales prices for distribution companies seek balance with the international market and follow the variations in the value of the product and the exchange rate, up and down. As a result of the application of the contractual formula, on July 1, an average adjustment of +3.9% was implemented”, explained the state-owned company in a note.

Petrobras markets the QAV produced in its refineries or imported only to distributors. These transport and sell the product to airlines and other end consumers at airports, or to resellers. Distributors and resellers are responsible for airport facilities and fueling services.

According to the state-owned company, the market is open to free competition and there are no legal, regulatory or logistical restrictions for other companies to act as producers or importers of QAV.

Further information on Petrobras’ sales prices to distributors can be accessed on the company’s page on Internet.

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