Petro will no longer travel, will lend a presidential plane for stranded travelers with Viva and Ultra Air

Petro will no longer travel, will lend a presidential plane for stranded travelers with Viva and Ultra Air

The president also confirmed that he had ordered that “all FAC planes” perform the same function “from now on.”

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The situation of the bankrupt airlines in the country continues to have new chapters in a series that many have classified as horror. The problem with Viva Air and Ultra Air now led President Gustavo Petro to make a proposal that, according to the president, would be aimed at helping affected passengers.

This was revealed through his official Twitter account.

There he stated that due to the situation of both airlines, he had ordered the use of the presidential plane for the transport of travelers.

  • “Faced with the emergency caused by the cessation of operations of the Viva Air and Ultra airlines, I have ordered that all FAC planes, including the presidential plane, from this moment on be ready for the transport of affected users.”

Even by land Ultra Air “must respond”

Ultra Air suspended operations because it is facing an economic crisis, this despite having sold tickets for Easter and more than 30,000 at least until the beginning of 2024, so these travelers must be solved: either return their money, or relocate them to other flights, the Superintendence of Transportation warned that the airline must respond.

Last week there were abrupt flight changes, many users complained.

However, Aerocivil itself reported that the company continued to fly “with a partial reduction in capacity for technical reasons.” Nothing else was ever reported.

Ultra Air had denied in early March that it would stop operations. However, if he had warned of problems.

This is how he responded on March 14, to rumors that he would no longer operate: “”It is an airline with Colombian capital, it is backed by solid investors who believe in our project and we are committed to the Colombians.”

Then, its merger with JetSmart failed, and there, the situation would have gotten complicated.

They must comply with the users

Super Transporte “proceeds to demand Ultra Air, to execute, without any exception, all the measures proposed in the contingency plan to protect users, submitted to this Authority.”

  • Reimbursement of ticket value to passengers who request it
  • Relocation of passengers on flights of other airlines, with Ultra Air routes
  • Hiring charter flights with other non-scheduled airlines to cover demand
  • Hire ground transportation to cover where there are no regular or non-scheduled flights.

Users should consult with Avianca, Wingo and Latam, contingency plans that these airlines will have to enable to help solve the crisis.

Petro will no longer travel, will lend a presidential plane for stranded travelers with Viva and Ultra Air

At airports in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and other areas where Ultra Air covered routes, there are stranded passengers.

In the case of San Andrés, they must comply with special measures.

“Should have a special plan for passengers of #SanAndres and #Providence and maintain communication channels with users to meet their requirements.

Airlines that will help

Avianca “extended the protection plan for Ultra Air users (…) If the relocation option is free, availability may be much lower during the Easter season,” they indicated.

It is for flights issued with a date until April 9.

Attention will be enabled for Ultra users at Avianca points of sale at the airports of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Pereira, Bucaramanga, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Cartagena and Cúcuta.

Petro will no longer travel, will lend a presidential plane for stranded travelers with Viva and Ultra Air
With Wingo, that’s how you can travel.

The Supertransporte announced that, “By means of official letter N 20233000006819, the

@SSociedades that the insolvency process of the airline Ultra Air be initiated, in accordance with the provisions of Law 1116 of 2006″.

Cheap flights, crisis

Low cost flights in Colombia do not take off. The attempts have ended in paralysis of operations with thousands of travelers affected.

Neither the Ministry of Transport nor Civil Aeronautics have managed to get Viva Air to respond, now Ultra Air is joining the crisis.

For the same Avianca that tried to have them, it was not possible to maintain that economic line either and today, there are very few “cheap flights” that it has in its offer.

This situation has generated mistrust and could affect the air travel market in the country.

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