People disqualified from voting in the 2022 elections

People disqualified from voting in the 2022 elections

Each year the National Registry establishes an electoral census that is made up of the people authorized to vote in the country. In this sense, the norm establishes that people of 18 years or older with citizenship card may exercise their right to vote.

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However, there are some exceptions. Accordingly, citizens sentenced with loss of political rightsThey are not part of the electoral roll. Neither will those who renounce Colombian nationality be able to vote.

The Registrar also reports that the members of the public force As uniformed personnel, they cannot participate in the votes, nor can deceased citizens.

According to article 219 of the constitution, the military do not have deliberate action“may not meet except by order of legitimate authority, nor direct petitions, except on matters related to the service and morality of the respective body and in accordance with the law. Members of the Public Force may not exercise the function of vote while they remain in active service, nor intervene in activities or debates of political parties or movements.

In the case of persons deprived of their liberty in prisons, they do not have this option. That is, all those damned and that they pay their sentence in a prison or with the benefit of house arrest.

However, if you are deprived of liberty as accused of committing a crime but has not been convicted, he can exercise the vote.

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The permanent updating of the electoral census is carried out based on the purification of the National Identification File, which has the data of Colombians registered since 1952.

this census is updated daily “Based on the inclusion and exclusion of the citizenship cards of Colombians enabled or disabled to vote,” according to the entity.

It should be remembered that the first votes of the year will be next March 13 to elect congressmen and vote on inter-party consultations. Then, on May 29, the first round of the presidential elections will take place. A third date would depend on the results of this contest.

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