Peñarol reafirma su condición de campeón

Peñarol dominates in Uruguay

The outcome of the Uruguayan championship was with intrigue, practically with the doubt of what would happen in the match between Plaza Colonia and Peñarol until the last penalty. The delay for the end, although it was made to wait, saw Peñarol celebrate one more tournament, emerging as champion and reaching his 53rd title in the Uruguayan First Division. There was no time for a “final” of the play-off. The confrontation between the champion of the Apertura (Plaza Colonia) and Clausura (Peñarol) was enough for there to be no extension.

This title, in a team that accumulates both talented young footballers and experienced veterans, is a new celebration for the aurinegros after seeing how Nacional lifted the last two League championships. Peñarol, who throughout the 21st century has managed to win seven times (including this one in 2021), had not been able to lift the trophy since 2018, when he beat Nacional in the outcome between the Apertura (Nacional) and Clausura champions. (Peñarol).

Two are the names that have captured the attention in the coal season: Agustín Álvarez and Facundo Torres. Without knowing if their immediate future will continue to be linked to Uruguayan football, the two young players of the club (20 and 21 years respectively) have been a compelling reason for the team to prevail over all other rivals within the country throughout all the days. Behind, the name of Agustin Canobbio (23 years).

Between the three attackers they have managed to add 22 goals throughout the Opening and Closing phase for the team led by Mauricio Larriera. Agustín Álvarez (13 goals – eight in the Clausura and five in the Apertura), Facu Torres (5 goals – two in the Clausura and three in the Apertura) and Agustín Canobbio (4 goals – one in the Clausura and three in the Apertura) They have knocked down the door within Uruguayan football, showing that individually they have a great future, but complementing each other perfectly in 2021.

The title of Peñarol has been a race in which they have gone from less to more. In the Apertura tournament they added 28 points, remaining in third place after 15 disputed dates. In a changing inertia, the Clausura phase led them to add 32 points out of 35 possible, establishing themselves in the first place and also managing to be the highest scoring team (27 goals). All this led to the top leaders in the annual table with 60 total points, losing only two of 30 games and marking the difference in the areas with 49 goals in favor and 21 against.

The course has been long, and the leaderboards have been tight. Something that ended up being reflected in the match between Plaza Colonia and Peñarol. But once again, the charcoal makers were able to celebrate a First Division title.

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