Pedro Infante: PSUV va a una nueva etapa del socialismo

Pedro Infante: PSUV is going to a new stage

“We all aspire to have a renewed country, with new opportunities, with prosperity and that depends on everyone; we believe in politics that benefits the people, and the PSUV is going to a new stage of the transition to socialism to build the Venezuela that we want”.

This is how the deputy summed up Pedro Infantenew vice president of organization of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and member of the Political Bureau of the tolda, the work he undertakes in the restructuring requested by President Nicolás Maduro to make the largest party in Venezuela more efficient.

“We aspire to build, from the Bolivarian Revolution, public policies that guarantee rights for all,” Infante said, during a special interview with the 360º programled by the journalist Boris Castellanos in Venezuelan Television (VTV).

Commenting that in the 21st century there are new methods of political communication, and technological supports have expanded the media beyond the traditional ones of radio and television, it is necessary to strengthen the channels to make the interaction with each and every one of them fluid. Venezuelans and Venezuelans.

“The PSUV recognizes that we have to update and improve communication codes,” he commented, noting that this must be done so that the government’s management extends to all inhabitants, for which he applauded and supported the new 1×10 method of Good Government. , which was instructed by the National President.

New decade of national union and encounter:

He is convinced that this third decade of the century is a time of national unity, of meeting in political work, updating these tasks to listen and talk to everyone.

“We are building the country for everyone and in the National Assembly we have shown it. We see the tolerance that exists today. If there is something we should criticize, it is that intolerance reigns in political activity”, he stated.

“That is why the contest of each woman, man, young person and patriot, not only militants of the political party, but also those of us who love Venezuela, are part of the new methods of this prosperous Venezuela that we deserve.”

He confirmed that the PSUV is going to a new stage to meet the transition to socialism that contributes to building the Venezuela of all.

He said that participation is essential in today’s development. Despite the fact that politics in the last century was bad, tricky and corrupt, in the 21st century the Revolution puts the emphasis on the public, on the social, on serious politics as part of the solutions.

“We revolutionaries believe in that policy, where we all participate, we give our contribution to improve things based on the people. I invite you to be part of that politics of the revolutionaries that is the politics for the benefit of the people, not the one that benefits the elites and the oligarchies”, he indicated.

Similarly, he reaffirmed that Venezuelan democracy is very rich where the participation of the people in national decisions is guaranteed and supported.

“We have a project, we believe in a country for everyone, we believe in the government that can guarantee conditions for collective growth. We invite you to build together, you don’t have to be in the PSUV, there are various instances, parties of the Great Patriotic Pole, and we promote the strengthening of social movements. There is room for everyone here,” he concluded.



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