"Finish the season with the Madrid Champions League and Vinicius's goal is to frame"

"Finish the season with the Madrid Champions League and Vinicius’s goal is to frame"

Brazilian soccer players are protagonists in Europe and Vinicius has become the protagonist in the final of the Champions of Paris. Tatiana Mantovani (1983, Carlos Barbosa, Brazil) is the journalist who brings fans closer to the daily life of Brazilian soccer players in Madrid, through TNT Sports. The journalist talks with AS about the impact of young promises in European football.

I lived the Champions League final very intensely, how could it be otherwise. He was also just behind the goal where Vinicius scored the goal. For the Brazilians, and for me who am here following the Brazilians, it was very special. Both at Atleti and Madrid we have a lot of Brazilians who, in different ways, each one has been a protagonist within their context. And to finish the season with Madrid winning the Champions League and with a goal from Vini, I think it’s a season to frame“, details Mantovani when reviewing the 21-22 season.

As for how Spanish football is lived in Brazil, the journalist highlights: “People have their team in Brazil, but when football becomes so big, they end up choosing a team from Europe. there the Champions It’s super followed, it’s impressive. And Madrid, for having always had many Brazilians and for being the club that it is, has great fans”.

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