Pedro Castillo asks for life imprisonment for himself if it is proven "that he has stolen" from the country

Pedro Castillo asks for life imprisonment for himself if it is proven “that he has stolen” from the country

The head of state, assured on Monday night that he will request a life sentence for himself if it is proven that he has committed an act of during his . Likewise, he reiterated that there is a sector that seeks to “break” democracy.

That is why we must assume responsibly, if ever this people and I submit to the Peruvian people, if they show me that I have stolen a penny from this country, I ask for life imprisonment starting with myself because first we must assume responsibility “expressed during an activity in El Agustino.

According to Castillo Terrones, there are “certain groups” that intend to equate their management with other past ones and whose leaders are currently being investigated by the Public Ministry.

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Here I strongly reject that certain groups that claim to defend democracy and in practice bankrupt it, want to make us look like just another government of the bunch and want to put the cliché of one more corrupt person in this story.“, Held.

There is a group of people who claim to defend democracy and are the first to break it. They have their own agenda and we have ours that the country has entrusted to us, more than all of the most needy”, added the president.

In relation to the request sent by the prime minister, Aníbal Torres, to María del Carmen Alva, president of Congress, to define the date on which the vote of confidence will be requested, the head of government announced that he hopes that “these days” hold the plenary session.

Our prime minister is looking for the space so that in these days, in any case with prior coordination, they attend the Congress of the Republic to see whether or not the Congress gives confidence to the new Cabinet”, he mentioned.


A new Ipsos survey revealed that the public’s perception of the management of President Pedro Castillo. In addition, the Minister of Health appoints a veterinarian who does not register COVID vaccines as an advisor. Also, Premier Torres will request a date from Congress to seek the investiture vote. And, violence on the border between Colombia and Venezuela leaves more than 80 dead so far this year.

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