The SB calls for tender Bancamérica assets

The Superintendence of Banks (SB) summoned the eligible financial intermediation entities to participate in the auction of assets and transfer of liabilities of Banco de Las Américas (Bancamérica), an entity in the process of dissolution.
In the notice, published yesterday February 14, the SB establishes that the interested parties must submit their proposals for the acquisition of assets and transfer of liabilities amounting to RD$2,403.1 million and RD$2,958.3 million, respectively, no later than Monday, February 21, 2022 at 4:30 in the afternoon.

The bidders must indicate the amount of the counterpart contribution that they would require from the Contingency Fund for the absorption of the assets and liabilities as an indivisible unit. At this stage, the data validation of Bancamérica’s depositors is ongoing. Those who have not completed the requirement to do so must do so.

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