Patients waiting in corridors of the Essalud hospital will go to the covid area

Patients waiting in corridors of the Essalud hospital will go to the covid area

The director of the EsSalud Ramiro Prialé hospital, Víctor Gonzáles Palomino, stated that patients who arrive at the hospital emergency room and wait for a hospital bed in the corridors will be relocated to the beds in the covid area.

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“We have assumed the position a week ago, now the covid has been reduced and we are going to redistribute the environments and the beds, so that there is better care for patients with diseases other than covid, which are currently an unattended demand, with this it seeks to reduce the wait for hospitalization,” he specified.

The official said that they have hospital beds, but to expand services, more nursing staff are needed to attend to them.

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He noted that this week the covid areas will be reduced to convert them into non-covid services. After an honesty, it was learned that out of 350 beds, there are about 230 effective beds for hospitalization. Currently, they only have 4 patients with covid, 3 in normal hospitalization and one more in an ICU bed. A small number of beds will remain if there is a rebound in covid cases, meanwhile they call on the population to receive the vaccine.

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