Paraguayan sport will have its greatest explosion with the Asu 2022 Games

Paraguayan sport will have its greatest explosion with the Asu 2022 Games
By Diego Galeano Harrison, Minister of Sports
Tw: @diegogaleanoh

After a few intense and eventful days where changes were made, I can say that I am, with great joy and contentment, assuming this challenge that the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, gives me the opportunity to face.

Being Minister of the National Secretary of Sports is more than important. It is not easy to take on the challenge. At the beginning the feeling of being able to help intervenes since one always has that desire. But there is also fear. But, there are the South American Games, a very big event ahead, and there, the illusion is stronger than fear and there was the conviction to be able to say YES to the President and thus, quite quickly, to be able to assume this position.

Today I am available to be able to work and face all the work in pursuit of sport and, above all, give special emphasis to the Asunción 2022 South American Games, which are very close and will require all my attention and work, to be able to develop them. in the best way.

The SND is bigger than just the Asunción 2022 Games. I don’t want to lie because, without a doubt, our focus will be very emphatic on everything that the Games are. ASU 2022 are games that are going to change the history of Paraguayan sports and I have to take them with the seriousness they deserve, therefore, and without a doubt, the first thing I will do is make the XII South American Games Asunción project a priority 2022.

I have to highlight and make something very clear: the ODESUR Games have been working for years so that they can be developed in the best way and in truth, important advances are seen in everything that has to do with the organization. This must be highlighted from the management of former Minister Fátima Morales. I do not want to enter the game of criticizing the previous authorities. On the contrary, I want to highlight the work that she has been doing and that today gives her the possibility of being able to develop first-rate games.

ASU 2022 are games that are going to put Paraguay on the world radar and not only Guaraní sports but the entire Paraguayan people. As Paraguayans, we are going to be a very important center of attention also in aspects such as security, infrastructure, logistics, hotels and gastronomy.

Above all, I hope that with these games, I can change the lives of many children and people, because we need to have more athletes and thus more children and healthy people. Thus, these games can also be considered as an ideal scenario to address many other issues that are related to social development as well.

I want people to know that I am still Diego Galeano, today as Minister, but I will always continue to be the same person. I consider you all to be an important part of making the Asunción 2022 Games and the projects that we undertake from the SND a great success.

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