10 facts about Marcelo Ebrard that you did not know

10 facts about Marcelo Ebrard that you did not know

6. Ebrard and AMLO

The first rapprochement between Marcelo Ebrard and Andrés Manuel López Obrador occurred in 1992, when the current president of Mexico led the Exodus for Democracy – a march on foot that began in Villahermosa, Tabasco, on November 25, 1991, with the intention of reaching to the then DF during the signing of the Chapultepec Peace Accords between the government of El Salvador and the Revolutionary Democratic Front.

It was thus that Marcelo began a negotiation with AMLO, under the request to release the Zócalo plate prior to September 15 of that year.

From there began a long relationship between the two.

In 2000, although little is remembered, Marcelo declined in favor of López Obrador in the election of head of government for the Democratic Center Party. That same year he became part of López Obrador’s government team, when he became head of government, holding the position of Secretary of Public Security and later as Secretary of Social Development.

In 2012 and for the second time, he declined in favor of López Obrador for the PRD’s candidacy for the presidency of Mexico.

By 2018, Ebrard was part of López Obrador’s campaign team, and after winning the election he was appointed as Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Mexico City, April 16, 2004.- Andrés Manuel López Obrador, head of the DF government, is about to board his vehicle to go to the Museum of Mexico City, where a report on the work of the police in the historic center was released.

7. The dismissals

In 2004, Ebrard was dismissed by the then president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, due to the lynching of three policemen under his command in the Tláhuac delegation.

When Ebrard was in charge of Public Security in the Federal District, two policemen were beaten to death and set on fire by the mob, without the security forces having come to their rescue.

The current foreign minister of Mexico described this dismissal as a rash political decision, and despite the fact that his dismissal sparked controversy, Ebrard continued with his political career, as López Obrador later appointed him Secretary of Social Development.

In 2006 he became head of the DF government, with an advantage of more than 1 million votes over Demetrio Sodi, his main opponent.

marcelo ebrard biography
MEXICO CITY DECEMBER 09, 2005.- The PRD candidate for the presidency, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, met with residents of the Gustavo A. Madero delegation, as part of his tour of Mexico City.

8. The best mayor in the world

In 2010 Ebrard was recognized as the best mayor in the world by the City Majors Foundation and in 2012 he was named president of the global network of Safe Cities by the UN-Habitat program.

When he was head of government, human rights initiatives were approved, such as marriage between people of the same sex, the legal interruption of pregnancy, as well as the advance directive law.

In addition, it implemented the Ecobici urban mobility system, launched the Prepa Sí program, which consisted of granting scholarships for low-income students, rehabilitated the Monument to the Revolution and the Alameda, intervened in the Historic Center of the capital and promoted the construction of Line 12 of the Subway.

9. The presidency of Mexico, the dream

Ebrard has declared that since 2007 the idea was born that he could aspire to be president of Mexico, although his public uncovering occurred until March 30, 2010.

Although recently, in July 2021, the chancellor once again made public his intentions to become president.

“Let’s be consistent, persevering and loyal and of course when the rules are given and the times come, we are in the middle of the government, when that comes, we are prepared to participate in accordance with the rules that are given at the time,” he said. on July 13, 2021.

Today, almost a year after these statements, the latest survey of The financialpublished on May 16, points out that among the supporters of Morena, Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of CDMX, and Ebrard are in a statistical tie for the presidential candidacy in 2024.

amlo marcelo ebrard
February 8, 2002. Andrés Manuel López Obrador together with the new head of Public Security, Marcelo Ebrard, offered a press conference on his appointment.

10. Three marriages and five children

The chancellor was married to Francesca Ramos Morgan (1999-2005) and Mariagna Prats (2006-2011).

Since 2011 he has been married to Rosalinda Bueso, who was the Honduran ambassador to Mexico from 2007 to 2010.

Ebrard has five children: Anne Dominique Ebrard Ramos; Francesca Sophie Ebrard Ramos and Marcelo Ebrard Ramos (from his first marriage) and Ivanna Ebrard Bueso and Julián Ebrard Bueso (from his third marriage).

Marcelo Ebrard wife
MEXICO CITY NOVEMBER 27, 2005.- Assemblyman Alfredo Hernández Raigosa, the director of sports for the DF, Dione Anguiano, the PRD pre-candidate for the head of government of the DF, Marcelo Ebrard, and his wife during the “Dancing for Marcelo” dance contest, organized at the Ángel de la Independence, in Mexico City.

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