Panama will mediate in the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Panama will try to be a mediator in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, this was confirmed this morning by Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes, who revealed that she will hold a meeting with her Ukrainian and Russian counterparts at the United Nations (UN).
The chancellor specified that they will be exposing how the armed conflict has affected Panama in economic matters, especially with the increase in the price of oil and the basic food basket.
He stressed that Panama was selected and invited from among a select group of mediation countries in the United Nations for this medication and assured that “this is one of the roles that Panama is called to lead and embody in this international arena that is so polarized and divided into conflicts where They have an agenda and try to agree on important positions”.
“What is happening there is not affecting everyone, and I think that also making visible the consequences that a conflict of this nature that is having in Panama and in the region. We all want the conflict to end,” he emphasized.
Mouynes also referred to a meeting that he will hold with United States Secretary of State Antony Blinkend to discuss irregular migration, a situation that worries authorities in the region more and more every day.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs explained that in previous years irregular migration was led by Haitian migrants and currently Venezuelans are the ones who enter the country the most.

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